I want my life to come down to two words: I'm Yours.

I want my life to come down to two words:
I'm Yours.

Friday, October 22, 2010

God likes to blow your mind sometimes...

Cool thing tonight. I called my manager to a) tell her about a monetary discrepancy and b) thank her for letting me get time off to head to Boise to be with my cousin. (He recently was told he has a tumor in his brain that will require surgery and could very possibly be cancerous.)

I guess God just wanted to show me how cool He is once again. As the short conversation ended my manager said to me, "Oh, and Quin, know that I'm praying for your cousin, okay?"

That's such an awesome thing. God works in all of our lives and manifests Himself in different ways. I pray that my co-workers will be able to be encouraged by what I do, and inspired by who I am - by God's grace. For God's glory. My heart is for the lost and dying world. I want them to see the light and fall in love with the lover of their soul.

Thanks again, God. :)


  1. So awesome Quin! God is so much better to us than we deserve. :)

  2. Oh, that's so cool!
    God's just awesome that way. :)