I want my life to come down to two words: I'm Yours.

I want my life to come down to two words:
I'm Yours.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Earlier this week I received an email informing me about an Apologetics class in Beaver Creek, Oregon. As I read through the email I realized what it was about. Their normal pool of teachers and lecturers were unavailable, and because the other options had failed, they asked a former student to come and teach. That would be me.

I was totally taken aback. Me? So, I prayed... and prayed hard, 'cause I didn't want to accept it if it was an open door that I shouldn't walk through. I had a little fear, but after the Lord brought peace to me, it became a joy. I became very excited as I agreed to help give a lecture.

My lecture was on the infinite nature of God. I asked the students to tell me which attributes of God prove Him to be infinite. The classic 'omni's and sovereignty came up... but what I pushed for was for the students to realize that
every part of who God is defined by his infinity. Here are the examples I gave:
    1. Omnipotence/sovereignty (power, can do all things)
    2. Omniscience (knowledge)
    3. Omnipresence (space)
    4. Eternality (time)
    5. Transcendence (above)
    6. Faithfulness (never changing, always there)
    7. Holiness/Righteousness/Justice (perfect, set apart, good, right, fair)
    8. Grace (blessings)
    9. Mercy/Love (forgiveness, affection)
As I lectured about these attributes of God I showed the students through Scripture passages and quotes how God is infinite in every aspect. And most importantly... If He wasn't what our world would look like.

By the end, it came down to the gospel. It always has to come to the gospel. I took a step away from my notes and started to explain the crazy love that God has for us. How God knew before creation that if He made us, we would rebel. The Father knew the only way to save us was for His Son to be limited in human form... to live a harsh life on earth and ultimately die one of the worst deaths humanity ha
s constructed. Most importantly, the Father and Son both knew that the Father would have to turn away from Jesus. Their perfect love and harmony cut off because of humanity's sin.

And yet.

And yet, He still wanted to do it. That's how much He loves us. It was no longer me speaking, but I really felt the Holy Spirit speaking the words through me. And while, I'm imperfect, I feel that God was able to use that message to speak to at least some students.

As I readied to leave, there were many 'thank you, Quin' s but I knew the only reason it would have any affect was because of what Jesus had done for me, and what the Holy Spirit would do for those students.

Over the years I've learned much. This much I know, God's grace is everything to me, and it has no limits. His grace is in ultimate, infinite supply.


  1. Thanks so much for coming ans speaking. It was definitely more then a lecture, there were a lot of students who haden't heard somethings quite like that before, and if nothing else your talk impacted me. So thank you for coming. ;) BTW my dad laughed when I started outlining what you had talked about. "Wow! Sounds like he outlined all the topics for the year!" :)

  2. It was awesome! You did a great job. :)
    God definitely used you.