I want my life to come down to two words: I'm Yours.

I want my life to come down to two words:
I'm Yours.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

simplicity: God is good

As my family headed out for the eight hour drive to Boise, we looked forward to only spending 25 hours there. It was a short amount of time to spend with family there, but it was worth it. On Sunday morning, instead of going to a church, we had a worship and prayer time in my grandparents living room.

My Great Aunt explained how her pastor had a practice of before and at the end of every sermon he would tell his congregation that God is good.

Very simple. Three words.

God. Is. Good.

The reason we went to Boise was because my cousin's brain is getting to large for his own good. Literally. He's one of the brightest kids you will ever ( I mean ever ) meet. And his brain literally has grown so much that they are considering a surgery to remove part of his skull so that his brain can grow without pain. The symptoms are poor, restless sleep and piercing headaches. But God is good. It's so simple, but so true. We forget timeless truths because they don't always seem important. How can this be?

Let us be a people that proclaims God's goodness. The way an elder at my church put it was as follows. May it be of encouragement to you weather you feel God's overwhelming blessing, or if you are in a tough place in your life. God brings comfort.
"God is there. God is sovereign. God is good."


  1. Amen.
    Thanks Quin.
    Praying for your cousin!

  2. Sounds like another great life motto to use. God is good. God is good. :)