I want my life to come down to two words: I'm Yours.

I want my life to come down to two words:
I'm Yours.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe

Bart Millard, MercyMe's lead singer and songwriter lost his father when he was eighteen years old. After this experience of heartbreak, pain, death, Bart wrote a song that would revolutionize Christian music. The first song to be downloaded a million times, I Can Only Imagine was a radio hit since it's release in 2001 and remains to this day. It is a powerful song, an anthem of worship to our Creator and Savior who we get to spend eternity with.

I've always loved this song. In the right mood, it will bring a huge smile to your face, and with the same song often comes many tears. Tears of memories past and of the great future before us. It's exciting to think about. If you want to reflect on the lyrics they are posted below. Maybe you've never read them before and only listened to the song. I think they contain powerful truth. So simple, so true.

I can only imagine

What it will be like

When I walk

By Your side

I can only imagine

What my eyes will see...

When Your face

Is before me

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel?

Will I dance for You Jesus or in awe of You be still?

Will I stand in Your presence or to my knees will I fall?

Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all?

I can only imagine…

I can only imagine

When that day comes

And I find myself

Standing in the Son

I can only imagine

When all I will do

Is forever

Forever worship You

I can only imagine

--I can only imagine when all I will do is forever – forever worship You. Wow.


  1. oh my goodness. ah, i really love that song. it makes me... imagine :P hehe

  2. This song gives me goose-bumps every time! It's gonna be a glorious thing... spending eternity with Jesus!! :)

  3. I heard the ending of this song on the radio last night, right after watching the first video and reading the first chapter for Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. All combined, it was-wow! Words can't even describe it. :)